About Us

Axcess Capital Group of Companies was founded by Wm J Buterman and Trevor Stott in 2002 in Calgary, Alberta. Serving as a financial intermediary, Axcess Capital Group brings investors and real estate entrepreneurs together for mutual reward.

The group recognizes the inherent strength of real estate as an asset class, and maintains a sincere conviction that real estate related investments provide the opportunity to serve the increasing need of investors for income, stability and security.

To fulfill this mandate, we have attracted a unique team of professionals with expertise in real estate law, business finance, mortgage syndication, and private market investment distribution and management.

With a deep appreciation for Canada’s strong regulatory environment, and a commitment to a culture of compliance and professional development, Axcess Capital Group participates enthusiastically with a wide range of associations and regulatory bodies.

We embrace the view that a successful and sustainable business rests upon a foundation of respectful and mutually beneficial relationships. Axcess Capital Group engages its many clients, staff and stakeholders with these principles in mind.