Financing Solutions

Financing Solutions

Axcess Commercial Brokers Inc provides creative financing solutions for compelling real estate projects.

Registered with Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA), our advisory team specializes in the investment, syndication and brokerage of both residential and commercial mortgages. This team consists of lending experts, each with over 25 years of underwriting, banking and lending experience, they have the expertise to provide quick and out-of-the-box solutions to borrowers for all types of real estate projects.

Typical projects include: land or building acquisitions, new development, multi-family residential construction, condominium conversions, renovations and refinancing, equity take-outs, bridge financing, construction loans, existing land redevelopment, and land servicing.


Underwriters perform a detailed analysis of the opportunity, and the borrowers, with consideration of a wide range of information, including:

• Location of the property

• Loan amount required

• Purpose or use of funds

• Copy of current title

• Purchase agreement for the property

• Documentation for Borrower entity (articles of incorporation, operating agreement, etc.)

• Current appraisal

• Current financial statements

• Credit assessment of the Borrower and Guarantor, including most recent tax return and credit bureau reports

• Exit strategy


Axcess Commercial Brokers has provided in excess of $100 million in mortgage financing. These mortgages range from $50,000 to $5 million, with terms ranging from less than one year to three years, and typically on real estate in Western Canada.