Fund Management

Fund Management

Axcess Capital Advisors provides a wide range of professional support and services for the management of individual real estate projects, mortgage funds, and related business needs.

Our clients are looking to capitalize on real-estate based new opportunities, restructure existing real-estate businesses, or resolve distressed real-estate based situations.

Axcess Capital Management includes recognized industry experts in finance, credit, law and accounting, each with more than 25 years of experience, and are dedicated and passionate about real estate.


More about our Founders


In 2002, Mr. Buterman co-founded the Axcess Capital Group of Companies, which has grown to administer and/or manage over $80,000,000 in secured real estate investment. Since inception, Mr. Buterman has been one of the principals and managing partners of the Axcess capital group of Companies, and has served those companies through various official capacities, currently acting as President of Axcess Capital Partners Inc., while also serving as President and CEO of Axcess Capital Management Ltd. ,and the CFO and Secretary-Treasurer of Axcess Capital Advisors Inc.

Prior to his involvement with the Axcess Capital Group of Companies, Mr. Buterman served as a founder and Managing Partner of Intergroup Consulting, a Financial Consulting/Real Estate Funding and Mortgage Brokerage company extensively involved in commercial and multi-residential real estate projects in Western Canada and South Western United States.

In addition to his in-depth experience in the real estate and mortgage sector, Mr. Buterman has developed courses for numerous educational and commercial institutions and industry participants, and lectured extensively in Finance, Real Estate Finance and Mortgage Financing. Mr. Buterman has alo instructed and lectured in the areas of Credit Underwriting, Credit Analysis,  and Risk Analysis covering Commercial Real Estate Investment and Commercial Real Estate Finance. He currently presides as Chair of Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA), and is a member of several other international real estate industry organizations. Mr. Buterman has served as a director and CEO of various mortgage investment corporations.



In 2002, Mr. Stott co-founded the Axcess Capital Group of Companies. Since inception, Mr. Stott has been one of the principals and managing partners of the Axcess Capital Group of Companies, and has served those companies in numerous official capacities, currently acting as Secretary-Treasurer and CFO of both Axcess Capital Partners Inc. and Axcess Capital Management Ltd., while also serving as the President and CEO of Axcess Capital Partners Inc. Mr. Stott is also presently appointed as the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) and Ultimate Designated Person (UDP) for Axcess Capital Advisors Inc. pursuant to securities regulations.

Before establishing the Axcess Capital Group of Companies, Mr. Stott held several senior officer and accounting positions, including CFO and COO, for numerous businesses in the oil and gas industry and other industries, including publically traded companies, and has also consulted businesses on the subjects of strategic acquisitions and corporate finance. A Chartered Accountant, Mr. Stott has extensive experience in both public accounting, and public and private industries. Over a period of 28 years, he served as Controller and CFO for several small to medium sized business in the oil and gas, oil services, agriculture and technology sectors, developing and implanting accounting and financial reporting systems and departments. He also has over 14 years of public accounting experience, including his own public accounting practice, providing financial statement and business advisory services to clients in non-profit, oil and gas, real estate, technology and manufacturing businesses. Mr. Stott has experience with the private acquisition, design and construction of commercial real estate projects. Mr. Stott has served as director and CFO of various mortgage investment corporations.


More about our managers


Ms. Hobbs is Controller for the Axcess Capital Group of Companies and brings over 25 years’ experience as a Chartered Accountant. She has worked nationally and internationally in private and in public companies as Controller/Chief Financial Officer overseeing finance, IT and Human Resources in industries ranging from oil and gas, software, transportation, waste management and real estate. Having articled with one of the Big Four, she also completed income tax specialty with the firm. Ms. Hobbs works in the Axcess Capital Group of Companies Finance group and also assists Mr. Stott with compliance.


In 2007, Mr. Bennett joined the Axcess Capital Group of Companies as Senior Underwriter, working with borrowing clients and mortgage brokers. Mr. Bennett has overseen the development of the mortgage portfolio with a focus on Western Canada. Prior to joining the Axcess Capital Group of Companies, Mr. Bennett gained a broad range of lending experience including Region Manager of Agriculture for the Alberta Region of CIBC.


Mr. Volsky is a Commercial Mortgage Underwriter for Axcess Capital Partners Inc., having recently joined the firm after an extensive, 35 year banking career. His duties include underwriting commercial mortgages in first or second position for a purchase, development, refinance or equity takeout throughout Western Canada. Mr. Volsky has held various positions in Schedule A banks and credit unions in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan. The past 18 years has seen Mr. Volsky as a Commercial Account Manager expanding his expertise to fulfill the role of Senior Manager Commercial and Agriculture lending, Alberta for National Bank of Canada.