Axcess Capital Advisors is registered as an Investment Fund Manager, Restricted Portfolio Manager and Exempt Market Dealer with a focus on real estate related investments.

We are registered with, and governed by, the securities regulators of the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

The firm’s specialty is real estate.

An investor can participate in the asset class of real estate through various debt and equity financial instruments not available in the public markets, including: mortgage syndications, mortgage funds, limited partnerships, mutual fund trusts and real estate investment trusts. Through referral to approved Portfolio Managers, clients can also participate in professionally-managed diversified portfolios containing primarily traditional asset classes as well as real-estate related securities and other alternative investments.

As a category, these securities are often referred to as exempt market products or alternative investments. The risk profile of these investments can vary considerably, reflecting the underlying business activity, their geographic location, stage of development, and type of real estate.

Investors seek this type of investment for their potential to provide 1) yield/cash flow and growth, 2) as a hedge against inflation, 3) for the underlying security, and 4) to increase the efficiency of their portfolio. Axcess Capital Advisors encourages all investors to understand the investments they are considering, and assess the suitability of each investment for their personal circumstances.

To that end, investment representatives are available for a personalized consultation. The consultation will include a discussion of the investor’s financial goals and risk tolerance, as well as the merits and risks of the investments. Investment representatives are available in several communities in Western Canada and are often available to meet in person.